Pawel Huelle - Who Was David Weiser?

Rating 7.0

Another book about the Gdansk / Danzig region I read by coincidence in the same days I put my eyes on the pages of Dog Years by Gunther Grass.

Who Was David Weiser? takes place between the 1950s and the 1970s with a massive use of flashback. It was uneasy to get into the mood of this book, but then I have to say how Pawel Huelle writes like no other novelist I read so far.
Sometimes I appreciate his style sometimes not (the metatextual references to readers, chosen terms and hypothetic editor are out of place), but as a matter of fact the novelist is able to create an interesting and unconventional story out the mysterious events of a distant summer.

The character of Dawid Weiser is one of the most enygmatic I ever found in literature.
Huelle doesn't tell us that much about him, creating a feeling of constant expectation about Weiser all through the book.

Besides, this book revolves around childhood and the process of recollecting its faded memories which is a topic I always liked a lot.

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