The Copywriter

I would prefer not to
make your own advertisement
with my part-time temporary contract
for the relief of an unbearable urge
that made you call me "words director"
of your forthcoming strategic campaign
coordinating by chance
a wider and younger creative team
in order to persuade
readers, listeners, viewers
rather than asking for our overtime extras
I would prefer not to
work on this purpose on the following list:
tv and radio commercials, scripts
press releases and sales letters,
catalogs, billboards, brochures
direct mails, pieces, taglines
jingle lyrics, web page contents
white pages and postcards.
I hereby specify that this decison of mine
is not to confuse with an act of rebellion.
But still
as a result of these afore-mentioned factors
there is no more storytelling or
big ideas shaping and no more slogan selling
I will work on as a copywriter,
thus from now on
you would prefer to
consider me just a below the line resource.

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