Antonio Delfini - Il ricordo della Basca

Rating 6.8

Well, actually an appropriate rating should give this book a good 8 if only for the beautiful and long (65 pages!) introduction wrote by the same author 20 years later (and not included in the vintage edition portrayed on the left).
Those sixty-five pages are an ode to creativity, irony, wit, romanticism, all.

In comparison, the short stories which follow are not that good. What we have from page 67 onwards is not that original and pretty similar to some of the things written by Giorgio Bassani. Delfini chose Modena (M*** for him), while Bassani chose Ferrara.

Anyway, this writer has to be re-discovered as his books are kind of impossible to find in Italy nowadays and not printed anymore. Yet I have the impression he could have written better things and maybe he did and I don't know about their existence. I will check it better.

If I had the chance to put my eyes on Il ricordo della Basca it's only because I borrowed this book from the best pusher of Italian-literature around, Giulia. But the book drug is becoming harder and harder to get, particularly when it could be that good to become an addiction.

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