François Bégaudeau - Entre les murs (The Class)

Rating 5.7

They better call it a screenplay rather than a novel.
Entre les murs is poorly written in its dry dialogue-led realism with only a few selected moments of a decent, but mainly sarcastic irony.

Frankly speaking, the reason why I found this book interesting is mainly comparative, thinking to the current Italian system of education.
What I learned is that apparently in one of the most turbulent corners of France you can be suspended from class or even expelled from school just by calling your professor "you" or not asking the permission for throwing a sheet in the wastepaper basket.

Oh Mon Dieu! These teenage banlieusards are worse than savages! What Jean-Jacques Rousseau would have said about it, I wonder? C'est intolerable!

Being myself the son of a teacher who worked in a rather borderline school, I consider the way professor/Bégaudeau interacts with his lazy and partly illitterate pupils astonishing, prejudicial and superficial. On this assumption I'm not surprised he had problems with them.

Liking very much what Laurent Cantet did as a neo-neorealist-director I guess how I would appreciate more the movie based on this book than the book itself.

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