Ambrose Bierce - The Spook House

Rating 6.2

This book was not too bad, but a bit monotonous, I'm afraid.
Short and sometimes very short Gothic-like stories about haunted houses, people appearing and disappearing out of the blue mostly in the US but also in the UK.

Just like Edgar Allan Poe, Ambrose Bierce was a very interesting fellow, but he somehow fails to impress me here with just a few remarkable exceptions.
All in all, these miniatures of horror short stories are what I consider a decent reading before going to bed. A few possible nightmares could be included in the following sleeping hours but never that spooky.

Think about Henry David Thoreau camping with Edgar Allan Poe in some desolate spot of the American Bible Belt in the 19th century roasting sausages at the bonfire and telling each other boy scout thrilling tales and there you are: Ambrose Bierce - The Spook House.

And this:

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