Modern Lovers

Paper letters won't do,
they used to be here and there
but now are due to their end;
the ink they were written with
faded out in the sun, dried out
in a pen left to its doom.                           There's an app for that too.

For it's all about screens,
if you don't have one at hand
then go and fetch it ASAP
otherwise you won't be able to
touch, see and ultimately exist:
it's the thought, not the gift.

Stamps, postcards, what for?
Both will soon join typewriters, CDs
in the ranks of old fashioned stuff;
postmodern kids rather take selfies
and store them with a million others
in the depth of vague memory vaults.

Social platforms sunk emails,
posting snapshots is incredibly easier
than writing down their description;
everyone tweets and chirps comments,
who will ever answer you properly?
You're not one of my matches.                   Why don't you ping me?

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  1. This is so true! Lovely, old-fashioned you. :)