Moose On the Loose

Nobody quite knew
how did she get there
so far from her marshlands
downstream. And yet
she stood alone in the river
on a quiet summer morning;
it took some time for bored
city-dwellers to notice her.

She bathed and splashed
between the National Stadium
and the Praga Cathedral
unaware of all the fuss going
on along both riverbanks
where drivers pulled over
trying to guess what was that
An elk, a deer, a moose’
I heard them saying, 'it
must come from the zoo’.

Tripods were put in place
all photographers lined up
waiting for the four-legged
guest to gallop on the shallow
Vistula waters: live action
straight from primeval forests;
but they had none of that as
she saw them and didn’t move.

‘They’re excellent swimmers’
said the local Cervidae expert
when asked about the odd guest
’No, not from the zoological garden
but abiding in natural reserves’.
She came to town for a change
an ordinary European elk on a
pleasure trip to the Polish capital
feasting on city-grown thickets
for a crowded Wednesday picnic.

Miss Moose taking a swim in the Vistula river in Warsaw

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